Low-level Powerline Radiation Disturbs the Effect of Hormones

We have followed at a distance the discussion over whether 60Hz/50Hz electromagnetic radiation from powerlines affects the health of people in close proximity, and in the November 1997 Stereophile (Vol.20 No.11, p.51), an "Industry Update" story by Barry Willis reported a connection with Alzheimer's Disease.

That there does seem to be a connection between low-frequency powerline radiation and the human immune system is reinforced by an item in the November 29 issue of Science News (Vol.152, p.342), which reports that the tumor-fighting ability of anti-oxidant hormones---melatonin and tamoxifen, for example---was inhibited by a low-frequency electromagnetic field 12mG (milligauss) in strength. The level of the 60Hz field in a typical living room is about 2mG, but this can be much greater to the side of a computer monitor or next to an appliance with a motor, such as a refrigerator or hairdryer.

Food for thought for audiophiles into massive power amplifiers.