April Music's US Distributor

April Music's high-end audio products should soon be available to music lovers throughout the US, thanks to a distribution agreement with Bertrand Audio Imports announced August 11.

To bring April Music's Stello and upcoming Eximus lines to American audiophiles, Nashua, NH–based Bertrand Audio Imports has signed on nine American specialty retailers: Audio Limits (Cannon County, CA), Pure Audio (Scotts Valley, CA), PKM Audio (Chino Hills, CA), Acoustic Image (Studio City, CA), High Notes (Raton, NC), Father and Son Audio (Nampa, ID), High-Rez Audio & Video (New York, NY), Quest for Sound (Ben Salem, PA), and Ensemble (Nashua, NH).

Among the first April Music models to be carried by Bertrand Audio Imports is the DP200 preamplifier with inboard upsampling digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The DP200's upsampling converter supports high-resolution digital audio at 24 bit/192kHz word length and sampling frequency. Sampling rates are user selectable at 48kHz, 96kHz, and 192kHz, either using front panel controls or via an included remote control.

The $1995 DP200 debuted in the US at CES '04 and in May at the Home Entertainment Expo. "From the moment I heard the DP200 at an April demo session in New York, it was love at first listen," said Bertrand Audio Imports, Inc. president Jay Bertrand. "I knew right then and there that this company is going to continue to produce uniquely designed products that not only appeal to audiophiles, but anybody who considers music an important part of their lives."

Bertrand Audio Imports "is particularly suited" to the task of presenting April Music products to the American market, said Simon Lee, president of Seoul, Korea–based April Music. "Jay Bertrand specializes in exposing American audio enthusiasts to the most exciting models from overseas. In just a few short months, April went from being an obscure name to one that is gaining extensive exposure in the American audio press, but all the attention in the world does not add up to success unless we work with a smart and reliable distributor like Jay. With a new top-of-the-line selection of components scheduled to ship soon, we couldn't be happier to have Bertrand Audio Imports playing on the April team."