Stereophile's Recordings of the Month

Stereophile started publishing its "Recording of the Month" feature in its December 1992 issue, with the late Igor Kipnis's rave review of Keith Jarrett performing Shostakovich's 24 Preludes and Fugues.

Every "Recording of the Month" since December 1992 is available in this website's free archives. However, the magazine has been publishing LP and CD reviews since it was founded, so starting today and continuing the first Monday of every month, I am nominating a review from an early issue of Stereophile as that issue's "Recording of the Month" and posting it in the archives.

Today's new entry in the archives dates from June 1992: gonzo journalist Corey Greenberg writing about Nirvana's Nevermind. Now, of course, this CD is a classic and Kurt Cobain a long-departed icon, but 15 years ago, Corey could write without irony that "Nirvana is three ugly mofos named Kurt, David, and Chris. It looks like art-school played a role somewhere in the equation, but not in the usual 'we're supra-literate effete Euro ironic anti-gonadic geeks who revel in our own non-adherence to classical guidelines of beauty and harmony,' but in the much more useful 'we went to art-school so we wouldn't have to do shit for a good four years after high school 'cause basically we like nothing better than to peel our eyelids back and jam on old Deep Purple riffs in our cheap off-campus house with the old-car-part–strewn lawn'....Nirvana reaffirms my faith in the youth of America. Nirvana is God."

Corey now blogs in a most entertaining manner on the many merits of wet shaving. Keep rockin' it to us, Corey.