Krell "Trade Up" Deal

Would a piece of Krell electronics be the crowning jewel on your equipment rack?

Through August 31, the Orange, CT–based high-end manufacturer is offering a tempting deal: a 25% discount on the price of selected Krell equipment in exchange for one of your old units.

Sound too good to be true? Not so. Krell Industries announced the summer-long "Trade Up To The Best!" promotion on June 28, inviting consumers to take advantage of four separate offers that allow them to exchange their older components for substantial discounts on new, high-performance Krell equipment—"the most intense gear anywhere," as the company's admeisters have it.

Here's the scoop:
Bring any DVD player to a participating "KrellHEAT" ("High-End Audio Theater") dealer and save 25% on the purchase of either a Krell Showcase DVD or a Krell DVD Standard, and/or bring any A/V receiver to a participating KrellHEAT dealer and receive 25% off the purchase of a Krell Showcase preamp/processor and Showcase amplifier combination.

There's more:
Bring an old amplifier to a participating KrellHEAT dealer and receive 25% off the purchase of a Krell KAV-2250 stereo power amplifier, KAV-3250 multichannel amplifier, or Krell Theater Amplifier Standard, and/or bring any preamp/processor to a participating KrellHEAT dealer and save $2000 on the purchase of a Krell Home Theater Standard 7.1 preamp/processor.

"Never before has assembling a KrellHEAT system been so affordable," claims the announcement. The summer discounts can't be combined with any other offer. Click here to find a KrellHEAT dealer. The program applies only to KrellHEAT dealers in the US.