Vacuum Tube Valley Audio and Music Expo

Vacuum Tube Valley, "The Classic Tube Electronics Journal & Tube Audio Electronics Resource," is hosting the VTV Audio and Music Expo at the Piscataway Embassy Suites May 6–7, 2006. (Embassy Suites, 121 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854. Tel: (732) 980-0500.)

Over 40 audio manufacturers, including many tube component and speaker companies, are scheduled to exhibit their wares, including several who have donated products to be given away as door prizes. There will also be vendor tables available for the sale of tubes, vintage hi-fi equipment, and other audiophile merchandise. Tickets are available in advance at a discount, or for $20 at the door (cash only). VIP Buyers who buy single-day passes for $70, will be allowed in at 7:30am (as opposed to 9am) in order to get first crack at NOS tubes, vintage hi-fi, and "other goodies." Regular expo hours are 9am–3:45pm on Saturday and 9am–5pm Sunday.

In addition, there will be free seminars scheduled both days. Electronics designer Scott Dorsey will speak on the current state of recording and "fake tube-products." Angela Instruments' Steve Melkethesian will speak on the current state and future trends in audio component parts, including vacuum tubes, resistors, capacitors, tube sockets, transformers, wire, and more. Electrical engineer Charles King will present a 90-minute lecture on "The History/Theory of Tape Recorders: Mechanical, Acoustical, Edison, Electro-magnetic Telegraphone, Blattnerphone/Marconi, Telefunken Magnetophone, Ampex, Philips cassette tape machines." He'll also touch on recording media and take questions. Ed Duda, a former design engineer for Lafayette Electronics, will discuss his experiences as a tube hi-fi and transistor equipment designer. On Sunday, Charles King will also conduct a seminar on "The Basics of Audio Test Equipment and Measurements," which will touch on safety issues, the necessary equipment, and measuring electrical layout.