Michael Fremer has a Shipping Problem

Michael Fremer has a problem.

Someone unknown sent him a 50-lb box of something, presumably audio-related, back in February, which was left on his doorstep while he was out. Happens all the time if the sender has signed for non-attended delivery. (Not something we recommend.)

However, also while he was out, Fedex came by with a call tag to pick up a review sample for return. Seeing the drop-off, they thought it was the pick-up and took it, leaving a tracking number.

When Mikey got home and saw the note from Fedex, he called the Fedex depot to get the package back and have them pick up the call-tagged product.

But they had lost the original package!

Mikey filed a claim, but since he didn't have an invoice—in fact, didn't know exactly what had been lost—FedEx rejected it, though the matter is still open. No manufacturer has yet contacted him about any product needing to be returned or reviewed, so..,

If you sent a product for review to Michael Fremer in February, please contact him at grooves@musicangle.com so he can investigate if it was your package Fedex picked up by mistake and then lost and if so, supply them with an invoice for the insurance claim.