CEDIA Wins Another Victory in Bose "Lifestyles" Suit

On March 22, it was announced that the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) had received another ruling in its favor from the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in the action brought against it by Bose Corporation to cancel CEDIA's trademark registrations for the phrase "Electronic Lifestyles." The Board denied Bose's motion for summary judgment and declined to consider fraud claims against CEDIA regarding the registrations.

Bose manufactures a speaker line known as "Lifestyles" and charges that CEDIA's use of "Electronic Lifestyles" resembles its trademark to the extent that it will cause confusion in the marketplace.

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board decision represents CEDIA's second victory concerning Bose's claims over its trademark, the association having previously received a ruling that one of Bose's claims was filed too late and that CEDIA's registration could not be canceled on the grounds that it would cause confusion.

Bose brought suit against CEDIA in February 2005 for its use of the phrase, which the trade organization had been using for its non-profit activities since 1995. CEDIA received four federal trademark registrations for "Electronic Lifestyles" in 1998 and 1999. Bose has also gone after SmartHouse magazine for referring to a Pioneer Home Cinema system as a "Lifestyle" product, and has threatened legal action against A/V distributors of Pioneer and Yamaha products in Australia for having used the description.

Bose is a member of CEDIA.

CEDIA's president, Ray Lepper, said: "We are pleased by this latest ruling by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in CEDIA's favor. We continue to believe that this action by Bose is wholly unwarranted and harmful to our association and represents a very misguided corporate culture at what could otherwise be an active and productive member of CEDIA."