Brussels Hi Fi Show Announced

Audiophiles know there is no better reason to travel abroad than to attend a hi fi show in a foreign city. I'm only half kidding. With dozens of shows, most open to the public and scattered across every continent, what better way to see the world?

Moscow, Dublin, London, New York, Sydney, Rotterdam, Seoul, Munich, Athens, Singapore, Bristol, Kiev, Oslo, Montreal, Denver, Milan, São Paulo, Lucerne, Gothenburg, and on and on. Has anyone hit them all in a single year?

There's a newcomer to add to the list: Three audio products distributors in Belgium got together last year and founded the Brussels Hifi & Home Cinema Show. They are planning a new show for 2005 to take place October 1-2 at the Sheraton Hotel in beautiful downtown Brussels.

Admission is free, and the show organizers say there will be over 30 exhibitors, representing more than 170 brands. The show will be open to the public.

Partial list of exhibitors: Acoustic Systems, Acquisition Video, Actinote, Adeo, Agile, AKG, ALR Jordan Gold CDs, AM Denmark, Amazon, Amphion, AMX, Anthony Gallo Acoustics, Art Sound, Atacama Audio, ATC, Atoll Electronique, Audica, Audio Analogue, Audiolab, Audiomat, audiOplan, Audiotop, Ayre Acoustics, B-Tech, Baileo, BC Acoustique, Beamax, BenQ, Beyerdynamic, Blu-Tack, Blueroom, Bush Digital, Cadence, Canton, Cec, Cerwin Vega, Classic, Clearaudio, Creaktiv, D-Boss, Dacapo, Dali, Denon, DNH, DreamVision, Dynaudio, Earthquake Home, Eera / Helios, Elac, Empire, Ensemble, Epos, Final, First Impression Music, Fujitsu, Genelec, Halcro Logic, Halcro, Harmonic Technology, Heart, Hitachi, Hype, Horning, Incognito, Jedia, JenTech Cables, JMlab, Joe Kane Production, JVC Pro, Kemp Elektroniks, KR Audio Electronics, Lavardin, Lexicon, Lovan, Lumene, M.I.T., Mark Levinson, MartinLogan, McIntosh, Meridian, Michell Engineering, Mimetism, Mission Loudspeakers, MJ Acoustics, Mobile Fidelity, Monitor Cable, Monitor Audio, Moon, Mosscade, Myriad, NA-producten, NAD, NEC/Mitsubishi, Nec, New Audio Frontiers, Nexus, Nitty Gritty, North Star Design, Ocos, Onkyo, Partington, Pebbles, Pentatone, Perstel, Phil Design, Piega, Pioneer, Pluto Audio, Pro-Ac, Projection Design, Projectiondesign, Pure, Quad, Reference Recordings, Rega, Rel, Revel, Revo, Ruark, Sangean, Screenline, Sennheiser, Siltech, Sim2, SolidTech, Sonus Systems, Soundman, Sphinx, Studioworks, Sumiko, Sun Audio, Supra Cables, Symphonic Ligne, Tannoy, Teac, Terrazzo Art Fidelity, The Chord Company, ThemeScene, Thiel, Thorens, Tivoli, Totem, Trackmate, Transrotor, Triangle Electroacoustique, Troy, Turtle Records, Van den Hul, Von Schweikert Audio, VPI, W.B.T., Wadia, Wharfedale, Wilson Audio, Zounds, ZYX.