Audiophile Auction Wraps Up

Bill Leebens and Ole Lund Christensen, organizers of the Audio Asylum Asian Tsunami Victim Support Auction, announced today that the fund-raising drive will end Monday, February 28.

"We've raised roughly $50,000 to this point," said Leebens, "and we hope to have a big finish. The audio community has been amazingly supportive, but we think it's time to wrap up our effort."

Industry donors included ACI, Argento Audio, Atma-Sphere, Audio Note, Audiovector, BAT, Bottlehead, Cain & Cain, Grado Labs, Gryphon Audio, HHG Stands, Kimber Kable, Kubala-Sosna, Locus Design, Luminous Audio, Machina Dynamica, Magnum Audio, PBN Audio, Poth Audio, Quest For Sound, Record Research Labs, Revelation Audio Lab, SonoCable, Stereovox, SYG Audio, Thiel Audio, Tube Research Labs, Vandersteen Audio, Xtreme AV, and many others.

Donations have been made to a variety of charitable organizations for Tsunami-victim relief, including the American Friends Service Committee, Mercy Corps, the Red Cross, SOS Children's Villages, UNICEF, Wateraid, Worldvision, and several others.

The auction was co-sponsored by Audiogon.

The Audio Asylum Asian Tsunami Victim Support Auction page:

Bill Leebens (USA, EST) (941) 756-0578
Ole Lund Christensen (Sweden, GMT +1) 011 46 735 323394