More New Audio Products

FM fans alert: Tuner specialist Magnum Dynalab has introduced its "Triode Series," led by the $3995 MD-106T triode tube tuner. The MD-106T is said to combine great signal sensitivity and selectivity in channel reception with "exceptional build quality and musical realism." One design feature that's something of a throwback to tube electronics of the 1950s and early '60s is a glowing "Magic Eye" tube indicator for fast, precise tuning. The MD-106T also features "a precisely aligned tunable five-stage RF front end, and a double-thick, gold-plated circuit board to minimize vibration," according to a company announcement. Stereophile's Larry Greenhill is about to embark on a review of the MD-106—stay tuned!

Magnum's flagship model is the MD-108 Reference FM Tuner ($5850), with a five-stage front end, Magic Eye tuning, and a separate audio stage. Other models in the Triode Series include the MD-102T ($3195), with Magnum's five-stage front end, dual automatic gain control, and an auto-blend RF circuit for optimal stereo quieting; the MD-100T ($2195), with Magnum's custom four-stage RF front end, an auto blend RF circuit, dual automatic gain control, a noise-activated mute, and a precision flywheel for accurate, easy tuning; and the MD-90T ($1595), featuring a MOSFET front end providing three stages of precise amplification.

The company has also announced a new receiver and amplifier: the MD-208 Discrete Stereo Receiver ($2975), with isolated tuner, preamp, and amplifier sections; and the MD-308 Stereo Integrated Amplifier ($2350), a high-power design with "cutting-edge technology" in the preamp and power amp sections. Magnum also makes several products to improve FM reception, including the MD-205 Signal Sleuth ($350), which brings in more FM stations more clearly by amplifying and stabilizing weak signals, and the unique ST-2 Omni-Directional AM/FM Antenna ($99), a 54" stainless steel vertical model made for use indoors and outdoors.

Audiophile Systems has announced new products from UK manufacturers Arcam and dCS. Among Arcam's rollouts are the new C30 preamplifier and P1 monoblock amplifier. The company has designed a new multichannel music module for the C30, available now. In October, Arcam will deliver its new AVR300 7.1 channel receiver along with what advance press calls "the world's only range of affordable, specialist-designed-and-built DVD players, the DV78, DV89, and DV27A." Prototypes were demonstrated at CES.

New gear from upscale brand dCS (a perennial favorite among Stereophile reviewers) includes the Verdi SACD transport, Purcell upsampler, Elgar DAC, and dCS's new master clock (code name: Verona). The combination of all four was demonstrated in public for the first time at CES. The company is now shipping its LaScala upsampling transport, which combines a Verdi and DSD-upconverter in one box.

Acoustic Energy: AE's Aelite speakers are said to strike the perfect price/performance balance between cost-no-object models and more utilitarian gear. Acoustic Energy calls its new Mk.II a "state of the art surprise." The speaker is said to be a "full range, floorstanding version of the famous AE1 Mini Studio Monitor."

Verity Audio has launched a new speaker model, the Sarastro, said to "distill much of the $60,000 Lohengrin's performance in a smaller, more affordable package." The Sarastro was demonstrated at CES with dCS gear. Also new are the Fidelio Encore (available now) and the Verity Tamino surround system. Audiophile Systems claims the Tamino is "the first surround speaker system we've heard that has both the impact needed for movies and the resolution required to show off the new DVD-A and SACD high-rez music formats."