It's a Bed! It's an iPod Accessory! It's Shiny!

Stereophile gets press releases every day. Some days, they are for products that strike us as really great ideas, sometimes they make us go huh? And sometimes we think both.

Alberto Frias' $16,000 Transport "perceptual pod" struck us as a definite "both."

The Transport is a hand-made composite fiber-glass pod containing a waterbed, LED lighting system, and a stereo system featuring speakers by Anthony Gallo. The inside is matte white, the outside is a shiny iPod-friendly white gloss.

Frias obviously intends it to be an iPod accessory, to which we responded, "Eh." But upon reflection, we realized that the Transport could probably be fed a signal by just about any high-end source and we got to musing: "What's wrong with a sanctuary where you can feel cozy and just drift along with the music?"

Maybe it isn't really High End. Then again, maybe it is.

Not that there's anything wrong with having fun.

PDF brochure here.