XLO Oops

In his January "Sam's Space" column, while writing about the system he used with Sutherland's Director line stage (p.32), Sam Tellig wrote "For the most part, I used now-discontinued XLO interconnects and speaker cables. XLO itself has been discontinued, alas. I do miss its founder, Roger Skoff."

I must have been asleep at the wheel the day I edited Sam's copy. While the specific cables Sam uses are no longer available, XLO itself is still alive and kicking, under the ownership of Ultralink, as we reported here back in 2002. Even Roger Skoff is still around, as an Ultralink consultant. My apologies to all for the editorial slip-up.

Ultralink is introducing two XLO Home Theater cable lines at this coming week's International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Visitors can find Ultralink and XLO in the LVCC's South Hall 1, booth 20944.