Louder...or at Least Easier on the Eyes Than Words

There wasn't space in the May issue of Stereophile for all these photos of the gorgeous and very talented Eliane Elias so here are a few more to ogle. And while you do, I know you'll all be doing it because you respect her as an artist. Seriously though, her new record Bossa Nova Stories is wonderful.

Zeb's picture

Great piano player, pretty good singer. Well worth seeing live too.I agree with your recommendation and would also recommend most of her CDs.

jrmandude's picture

nice pipes

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Andy Weis's picture

I don't mind this at all, really. When you've got it going on, as she clearly does, you have an obligation to put it out there. Nothing wrong with that. Which instrument did you say she plays?

Carlos Basadre's picture

delicious swingly bossa sounds played by the great and sensual Eliane Elias. The queen of brazilian jazz. 14 themes among the most famous pop brazilan as american standards, and a beautiful italian song called Estate. Very well supported by a quartet composed by young and versatile musicians on guitar, acous. bass and drums plus Toots Thielmans as a guest on two songs. The photo session inside is Eliane¨s at her best,callenged beautyness that caught you by buying this 2009 production.Cheers and kisses for Eliane, for giving us such good music.