How great was it to hear all the music at the inaugural. Maybe music and the arts will once again be valued in the country. Maybe someone else than right wing country singers can get a tune in edgewise.

And how great was the rhinestone–trimmed bow on Aretha’s super tricked out, super swank hat!!!! She actually looked a little…ummm, thinner than I’ve seen her lately.

It was wonderful to hear “Simple Gifts,” though I did think that the John Williams arrangement could have made better use of the instrumental firepower that was present. Where was the soaring ending?

Best of all was hearing Obama adapt those famous Peter Tosh lines in his speech: “Pick (a) myself up, Dust (a) myself off, (Tosh goes on, “gonna start all over.”) I know it’s also a common expression, but I prefer to think the new Prez got it from Tosh. The tune, “Pick Myself Up” can be found on Tosh’s 1978 album, Bush Doctor which was on Rolling Stones Records and featured the participation of Jagger and Richards.

Among that sea of American flags stretching down the mall, I noticed the fervent waving of several Terrible Towels. Steeler Nation is everywhere baby!!! HERE WE GO STEELERS! HERE WE GO! Cards look out! Tampa here we come!

And finally, Sayonara to a president who made James Buchanan look like FDR. To a lower primate who’s permanently given Yale cheerleaders and C students a bad name. Be gone George Bush you ignorant, arrogant, inept turd! My God, our long eight year ordeal is finally over. May Katrina touch down in Crawford, Texas! May the Bushes go back to running businesses, rather than this country, into the ground.

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definitely remember learning that James Buchanan was the worst president in history as he let our country split into two pieces without doing a damn thing. George W. Bush allowed our country to simply crumble within and likewise did little but punish the 'terrorists' for it.