Jeepers Creepers

Okay maybe Kate Moss wasn’t so far wrong.

Give Pete Doherty (Babyshambles) credit. Rock 'n' roll's latest self-destructive showoff—which don't get me wrong rock n roll needs at all times to stay healthily corrupt—has got charm. Some kind of powerful persona. A full-on case of bat those eyes, mumble that profanity, flash an impish grin rock pirate persuasion.

This week young Pete, whose been caught it seems like 20 times now for possession of every fun/evil substance known to man, was "spared" (according to the AP) time behind bars by a judge who felt jail would be "counterproductive" and then proceeded to tell him one of his songs was a "good tune."

Does this sound like a judge bent on justice and poor Pete's rehabilitation? Or perhaps just a charmed female fan? We'll never know but I'm thinking Mr. Sad Eyes threw some of his legendary roughshod charm her way and she was converted. There's no justice like celebrity justice.