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The music business needs to start developing talent or the slump they're currently in is not gonna get any better any time soon. One reason people aren't buying records anymore, or downloads if you must, is that in some genres there's a lack of compelling talent. Course that's common sense, and this is a business that seems to always be looking for a silver bullet. Or backward at its glorious past. Fitting right in with that last vision is the "new" Beatles album that's in the offing. Amazing how many new albums come from people who've been dead for years ain't it? This one will use music from the Cirque Du Soleil show in Vegas. Sounds classy right? Not. Check this quote from Giles Martin, Sir George’s son that appeared on NME's website: "What people will be hearing on the album is a new experience, a way of re-living the whole Beatles musical lifespan in a very condensed period." Uh Huh. Maybe it's me but the real Beatles album experience seems to have aged rather well thank you. What we don't need is another remix album. What we do need is for Sir Paul and Ringo to spend some time in the tape vault and then release some of the jillion outtakes, alternate takes, live material, etc. that have been mouldering away there for years. No release date yet on the new album.

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They already have released at least six CD worth of live, unreleased," and alternate takes. They are called the Anthology series. ""Let It Be Naked"" could also arguably be put in this category. The sad thing is that they sound much better than the regular albums. What Paul needs to do in my opinion is to get into a studio and spend time remastering The Beatles catalog. It's in a sorry state sonically if you ask me. It would also be nice if the remastered versions have the mono and stereo versions for their albums as many fee the mixes on the mono version are superior", owing to the direct involvement of the band and the lack of their involvement in the stereo mixes.

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The surviving Beatles, Yoko, and George Harrisons wife had better get going because we fans are getting older and as time goes on, we will not have the buying power that we currently have.I dont know if the young people will buy enough remastered catalog to mike the work profitable but most of us fans that grew up with them probably would.Buy the way, I like the Capitol Beatle CD box sets better than the British versions. I don't believe for a minute their explination for not releasing albums with the same amount of songs as their British counterparts," GREED is what it was. How Capitol mixed the music seems to have more depth and is somehow ""fuller"" I don't know how to explain it but the British cd's seem to be sterile in comparison. Can't stand the british instruments one one side and voices on the other", but I had to live with it until the Capitol versions.The Help movie soundtrack instrumentals are mastered very well on the Capitol cd.Let It Be Naked is GREAT.Listen and you'll know WHY.

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'Love' is getting good reviews over here, R2'S album of the week (Worlds biggest radio station !)Release is 20 Nov.Its a 5.1 mash mix by both the Martins and is sonically highly rated.'Let it be-naked 'is a good mix of a basic live setregarded as 'documentary' in its approach.'Love' is art.EMI releases with voices LH ,band RH were intendedfor Capitol to remix in the States for mono release.Demand for stereo there resulted in their escape.How Capitol remixed into stereo I dont Know.As ever why judge before you listen?