Yeah, Lets!

Possible photo captions:

An album cover art that finally gives the pathetic voyeur old man strata of the audiophile community what it needs most.

A record cover that finally understands that audiophiles are really not that high falutin and hard to please after all.

Has frontal nudity gone the way of the cassette?

Hi Def Gratuitous Nudity: A Format With Something For Everyone.

Just another day, beyond the velvet rope, outside Stephen Mejias office.

Brazilian swimwear: analog or digital?

Slow afternoon at the South Jersey's only all night veterinarian.

Picture versus Sound: No surrender.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Wait, when was this? What velvet ropes?

John Atkinson's picture

There are times when I thank God for making me a man!

Donald N.'s picture

God bless women!

Mike53's picture

Music to my eyes. The Girl from....