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From Stereophile writer Fred Mills: Tom Waits tickets for the August 2nd show at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville, NC sold out in 15 minutes. Waits publicist Tresa Redburn tells me the Atlanta date sold out in less than half hour. "Yours truly was on-line hacking away at the Ticketmaster site," Mills said today, taking a break from pressure washing moss from the roof of his home in Asheville. He also mentioned that a pair of tickets for the Chicago show went on eBay and someone who couldn’t wait for the auction, used the "Buy Now" function and bought them for $1500.00. I scanned eBay and found a pair of 4th row seats for the Asheville gig going for $549.00. A pair for the last date, in Akron, Ohio, are being offered for $450.00. In Akron, Ohio!!! This despite measures to limit scalping and reselling. And the fact that he rarely if ever these days dips back into the Asylum–era material that everyone loves. The best part about this eight date mini-tour of the South and Midwest is that he’s playing great old theatres, most of which have great acoustics. Here's the list: read it and weep, `cause these tickets be long gone. Or silly expensive. Tues, Aug 1 Atlanta, GA Tabernacle Wed, Aug 2 Asheville, NC Thomas Wolfe Auditorium Fri, Aug 4 Memphis, TN Orpheum Theatre Sat, Aug 5 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium Mon, Aug 7 Louisville, KY Palace Theatre Wed, Aug 9 Chicago, IL Auditorium Theatre Fri, Aug 11 Detroit, MI Opera House Sun, Aug 13 Akron, OH Akron Civic To those who don't get the whole Waits cult, all I have to say is, something's happening somewhere with this guy. Few artists, in any genre, at any time, are able to sell out tickets, quite this fast.

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I love Waits but, that is ridiculous. Sad to say it but, this kinda thing will limit my live events.

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I went to two Waits shows in 1999 on the Mule Variations tour. He told the same story in both shows (Boston & New York) about how his son asked him for $200 to buy some cologne," and then Waits asked him if he'd said he wanted to GO to cologne. Ha. Ha. Ha. Then somebody up in the cheap seats with us at the Beacon hollered out ""65 dollar ticket!"" over and over again. Good point"," pal. We were all thinking it. I don't think that guy would have minded the $65 ticket price so much if Waits had put on a decent show. But the ""spare & industrial"" (read ""one light onstage makes us look cool"," but probably means we're just cheap"") stage design and the setlist devoid of surprises had everyone wondering what TW was netting on the show. Especially yours truly", who'd just seen an excellent Weird Al show at the Beacon, complete with lights shows, video clips, multiple costume changes, and most importantly a performer who looked he loved what he was doing, for $30.