Majors and Manners

Last night, in Manila–like heat, I trekked southward on Manhattan Island to meet with Jim Davis, owner of Music Direct and one of his right hand men, Colie Brice. One of the best online sources for audiophile wares, both soft and hard, (now, now, let's keep those high fidelity minds up out of the gutter!), Music Direct, as many of you know, also owns the revived Mobile Fidelity label. MoFi was and maybe again THE proudest audiophile label of them all. The extra dynamics they squeezed out of Nirvana's Nevermind will forever amaze me.

But alas, it's now 2006 and according to Davis and Brice (and my own rapidly diminishing mental capacity) things are a bit different now in the record biz than they were back when Herb Belkin and MoFi once submitted wish lists to major labels and had most of their choices approved. Labels are now clutching onto their content for dear life. Prying it loose, even for vinyl audiophile reissues, is becoming ever more difficult. Fortunately, with smart music guys like Davis and Brice in there pitching, high quality audiophile reissues, at least for the moment, still stand a chance. Exciting project in the MoFi pipeline: new reissues of Yes’ Closer To The Edge and Fragile.

More hot news on the political front today. Now we all know that no one stupid has ever been president, A) because the American people are to smart to elect an idiot and B)because the job requires intelligence, style, wit, common sense and above all, manners.

I say this because along with all the wonderful things we know him to be, George W. Bush has now been exposed as a foul-mouthed hog. His casual use of profanity doesn't really bother me. I mean c'mon. If you're gonna take on that gig, you had best be able to peel wallpaper off solely with the creative use of profanity. It's an essential job skill. Could you be president and not swear? I'm thinking if LBJ's mouth was a 10 on the profanity–as–a–weapon of state scale, then Yalie Bush is about a two, which squares with his overall intelligence rating. Make that a minus two. More like he doesn't know shit.

What really got me though was the whole mouth open, food rolling out, blabbering and buttering move he was into while saying his dirty word. Watch the film clip. This guy needs some serious lessons in table manners. Where was Barbara when he was growing up? Polishing the silver? I’ve had dogs that were less disgusting to watch when they ate. Poor Tony Blair. Staring in there at a half–masticated Parker House roll while listening to Bush’s oh–so–learned dissection of Hezbollah. Thank God there weren’t any chips and dip nearby!

We probably should just be impressed he didn't butter his roll, take a bite and stick his knife back in the butter. Must be like watching cave men gorging on Pterodactyl when he and the equally shy Cheney get together for a meal.

"Yo Cheney."

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