Nobody's Fool

Last night in a torrential rain storm, I trucked northward along the Hudson to Tarrytown, NY. A half hour's ride across the Tappan Zee bridge and we were in Piermont, NY at a club called the Turning Point.

There, along with 30 other folks, I saw Dan Penn and the Hacienda Brothers. Both were incredibly smokin'. I've been humming tunes from both all day.

Penn, of course, is one of the leading members of the whole Muscle Shoals scene that revolved around Fame Studios in the 60's. He was there when Atlantic Records Jerry Wexler brought Aretha Franklin and others down to give them the Muscle Shoals treatment.

Last night he ran through a slate of incredible originals, again most which is co-writer of, that included "Sweet Inspiration," "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man," "I’m Your Puppet," "Dark End of the Street" and a tune I hadn’t heard before last night and which knocked me out, "Nobody’s Fool." His voice is laid back but very elastic and musical. He also told stories about Otis Redding which were a riot.

The Hacienda's, while not Penn (but then no one is), were super tight and have a raft or killer originals that they’re calling "Western Soul." This translates to Muscle Shoals grooves crossed with honky tonk weepers and upbeat bluesy rock. They are an act worth keeping a sharp eye on.

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Don't you mean The Turning Point?