Music: The Universal Language

So let get me this straight. Orrin Hatch, Republican senator from Utah, is one of the heavy hitters whose deluge of 11th hour phone calls not only springs music producer Dallas Austin out of a Dubai jail for coke possession, but it also helps to turn a four year jail sentence into a pardon?

It seems Austin and Hatch share a music attorney. Hatch has dreams of being Andy Williams or Barry Manilow. He's even made a handful of albums, all of which are available at www. He's also written lots of songs including "Put Your Hand Over Your Heart," "America Rocks!" and the title that says it all, "Me."

Lemme see now Bill Clinton was impeached for what, oh yeah, being a fool with a plump, confused mental case. And Sen. Orrin is interceding with foreign governments for a single American citizen on a drug charge why? To polish his music biz street cred?

I'm sure there are all sorts of back channel ways in which this makes perfect sense—Gee, you can say that about so many things today can'tcha—but on the outside this one is nothing short of amazing.