Happiness is a warm...MP3

You gotta hand it to The New York Times; they do try and cover the audio industry. And when it comes to dumbing it down, they truly aren't fucking around. Rather than have to read an article from last week's Circuits section on how MP3's might someday sound better, A Quest for That Warm Sound of Old (June 5, 2007), which was printed just above a piece entitled Making Tunes a Fixture on the Patio (snaring more Jersey readers is obviously an NYT priority) here are the some beauties, salient or otherwise. "The more you turn it up, the punchier it sounds…" "…tries to sweeten digital sound by putting back what compression has taken out." "…what are people really going for, accurate reproduction or pleasing reproduction?" "Our technology tricks your brain into hearing something that isn’t there." "When you can't hear the difference anymore, it's overkill." "The process is never perfect." "With a good recording, the quality may be improved by tweaking the playback." "Don’t throw away your records yet."

Jim Tavegia's picture

I know this might be considered a stretch, but with the lack of factual info on audio quality that pervades the writing at the NYT, it does beg the question as to how flawed and inaccurate the rest of the paper is? Just because you buy paper by the tree and ink by the barrel does not mean you have a corner on the truth or, as we know, accuracy. To me it puts the whole paper in doubt. I guess it just depends upon who's adgenda it is.