Be My Baby

Is it me or does Phil Spector, the Wall–of–Sound inventor turned murder suspect, look more and more like a middle aged woman, particularly with his new blonde doo. If I were his lawyer I might have asked that he not change his hairstyle from notoriously weird to super weird on the eve of the trial. The photos, has some doozies, that are really, really strange. Him with that Doris Day gone mad hair waving a pistol around demanding God knows what? Whatever the verdict, the man needs supervision.

It's official. The record business has again become a singles business. downloading has forced the change. Perhaps this is a sign that there truly are cycles and the businesses current nightmarish state is part of a cycle that if true to form, may someday turn around. Just a thought. A happy thought for business whose many stumbles have come back to haunt them in towering fashion.

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Phil Spector should be finishing up a prison term rather than getting ready to start one. His butchering of "A Long and Winding Road" should've earned him hard time in Soledad. A related thought: I've got dibs on 13 minutes in the How Long Will Phil Spector Last In Prison pool.