Frances Bean's Inheritance

Why rage against an ill wind? I realize that complaining incessantly about the ongoing plundering of rock, classic and otherwise, by Madison Avenue ain't gonna make it stop but is there no one who can resist the allure of cash?

The latest person to hate, actually she kind of invented the category, is the ex-Mrs Cobain, who sold "Breed" to some fucking video game maker so they could whore it out for some damned, frenetic TV ad. And this from a woman who's until now been rightfully prickly when it comes to licensing Nirvana's music for anything from film soundtracks to new Nirvana records and who periodically makes noise about the importance of having integrity. You know that she's probably in negotiations right now for the boatload of cash—We're talking like an ARK–FULL—she'll reap when she finally licenses, "Smell like Teen Spirit" to Chrysler or some other clueless corporate giant in search of a younger demographic.