Big Fat Tyres and Everything

The Seventies. That ancient lost era, that musical wasteland, the decade everyone (who doesn't know music) likes to rag on, continues to supply Madison Avenue with new and exciting fodder.

Deep Purple's "Highway Star" in a Lincoln Mercury commercial. I want to puke. On a Lincoln. With the guy who thought of it and Richie Blackmore strapped to the hood. With their mouths open.

"I love it and I need it I bleed it."

World Cup Prediction: Germany vs Brazil in the final.

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Richie, you're gonna drive me to drinkin'

If you keep on licensing for the piece of shit Lincoln.

The bad news is the Lincoln commercial...

The worse news is that you are watching shows that are aimed at people who buy Lincolns.

What were you watching," anyway?


Golden Girls?



How do you feel about ""Happy Jack"" being used for Hummer ads? Assuming", of course, that you watch shows that have ads aimed at people who might buy a Hummer.

Zepplin for Cadillac is a little mind bending, too. Maybe John Bonham died from a premonition: Seeing his work used for a Cadillac ad and vomiting in his own mouth.

(Goofing off.)

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