Been a Long Time, Been a Long Time

Needless to say, I'm not in London waiting in line at O2 arena but that doesn't mean my thoughts, like those of about every other music fan on the planet, aren't turned to what's going to happen this evening when Led Zeppelin ends two decades of silence and lets it rip in what's being billed as a one-off show for charity.

Is this a test to see if Jason Bonham can cut it behind the kit where his monumentally talented father once sat? Hell yes. And if all goes well, will there be a triumphant tour? Well, that's the question that has everyone holding their breath isn't it? The absolutely staggering amount of cash that a Zep tour would generate leads anyone with half a brain to say yes. Yet there are mitigating factors like, they don't need the money and Page at 63 may well be past dealing with the rigors of the road.

The question I've heard and been asked for the past couple weeks is why no pay-per-view? Future DVD rights are a concern. And the band seems to be little skittish as to whether it's all going to work out. The best reason to be at O2 tonight would be to see the looks on the faces of Plant, Page and Jonesy, to see if they're enjoying themselves or not, whether they struggling or slipping into an old groove. Tomorrow's verdicts will be interesting to say the least.