Moving. Who Doesn't Love It?

Moving. Who Doesn’t Love It? So Stereophile has once again moved, fortunately only three floors down in the same building this time out.

We're now mixed in with the Power Boating and Yachting (oh raallly dahhhling) crew. Course they have an autographed photo of Burt Reynolds up on a wall, in black shorts and knobby knees, so hey, things ain’t all bad.

I of course, rushed in, hooked up my office system and began blasting Eddie Van Halen's guitar orgasm, "Eruption" (from the first VH album) at near maximum volume. Many a stunned boating group face drifted by my doorway with an "Oh Shit" look on their faces. One did however start groovin' and ventured, "Well, this is the place to be." Don’t laugh. It could have been worse than Van Halen in the A.M. I could have turned (returned) to doggie and splashed urine on the nearest cubicle to mark my territory. Instead I did it audibly. Aurally.

"Eruption," was followed by Los Lobos latest album The Town and The City.With the possible exception of their second album, How Will The Wolf Survive?, which was instantly comprehensible as a classic, LL is band whose albums I have to listen to over and over before I again hear the sound of one of the world's greatest bands. For some odd reason, (the continued dissolution of my feeble brain perhaps?) it seems to be taking me longer these days to get what Cesar, David, Louie and Conrad are up to and so I sorta missed this new album. Now, many months after its release, I'm full on loving it. The song "Little Things" is among the best things they've ever done. I’ve said it before and I'll say it again: David Hidalgo is an angel. The guy's voice is extraordinary and he can play anything well. ANYTHING. This record is very different than the band's last one, the Live At The Fillmore set, which showcased the side of the band that likes to turn up the guitars to deafening levels and let it fly. The version of the "The Neighborhood" on that set is like having a bulldozer in the room with you. Get out the way or you'll get run over.

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in regard to the yachting comment, how about: "hey you scratched my anchor, you, you wrecked my boat."I can't believe the Nugent shit. It reminds of the time whilst on acid at a senior skip day at the beach I hijacked the sound system and played part of the dialogue from the Doors weird scenes inside the gold mine just to see the reaction...legs furiously pumping, their stiff green gallop in mute astral agony...Yes, my classmates were panic stricken-first time they had heard it the nucks, but gloriously afraid to touch the stereo.I wonder if somebody sandbagged the GOP. Where do you hear about this shit?I am now blogging too allbeit mundane I fear: