Hopefully this will not...

Hopefully the Meg White (or not) sex tape dustup will not engender a drummer sex tape trend. There are a lot of skin pounders that I for one have no desire to ever see in the buff. The mental images alone are like taking a woodburner to your brain.

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I'd like to add one: Peter Criss. ewweee

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Well, that invites a list doesn't it? !DRUMMERS MOST UNWANTED FOR SEX TAPE SACRILEGE1) Moe Tucker2) Mick Fleetwood3) Karen Carpenter (late stage anorexic)4) Carmine Appice5) Robert Wyatt6) Hal Blaine7) Helen Wiggins (The Shaggs) 8) Jim Gordon (mother murderer, Layla cowriter)9) Max Weinberg10) Animal

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Leave us poor drummers alone! Besides, we prefer the Rhythm Method...