The Sad and the Sick

First the sad. An old friend, harp player and all around sweetheart, Gary Primich passed away, suddenly as they say, in Austin on Sunday night. He was only 49. Although he'd had a solo career for some time, Gary was once a member of a smokin' Austin bar band called The Mannish Boys.

On my very first visit to SXSW many years ago, during the Austin Music Awards which we were clearly not watching, Gary and the band somehow got my friend Jeb and I into an inescapable whirlpool of beer drinking—Shiner Bocks of course—from which none of us emerged even remotely sober. We bonded that night and I'm proud to say the friendship lasted until Sunday night.

The list of labels he recorded for reads like an all-star list of who's who of defunct roots labels: Blacktop, Amazing and Antones among others. Of his records Mr. Freeze from 1995 is a favorite of mine though his last Ridin' the Darkhorse is also good. Somehow the title of a musician or film star's last project is always prophetic and Primich was no exception. Vaya con Dios amigo. The blues world has lost a great one.

On the sick and twisted end of things, I spent some (not all) of the past weekend trying to figure out if the woman shown in the now infamous Meg White Sex Tape (Google it) is actually the drummer of The White Stripes or more likely a look alike who is unfortunately trying to rattle not only poor Meg but also the rest of the pathetic sex-tape obsessed world. If I had to vote I'd say no, it's not her. Her body looks in the ballpark but I'm not so sure about the face.

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