New Math

Here's a number to contemplate: 52% of recorded music sales at Sony/BMG are now via downloads.

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From an environmental point of view these are exciting figures, but as a collector who likes the physical sensation of having the object I have purchased in my hands, it saddens me. At least vinyl is thriving as a niche product! Also, when people lose all their downloads due a virus which some idiot will no doubt write in the future ( if one hasn't already been written ), there will be tears.

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To JonathanDon't need antivirus, I've got amac, don't need mags for girls, my beautiful wife Veronica, 3 kids and Adderley keep me chilled and grounded, and my family complain I spend too much time listening to my records, I just am sorry to see cds go the way of vinyl. Also Blog and cat pics are a delight.Peter