So I'm sitting in traffic on MOPAC, the north/south expressway in Austin, listening to Willie Nile sing "Streets of New York," a tune that can be thought of as his "Jungleland" from his latest album, Streets of New York, on the CD player of my rented Jeep Liberty.

Not sure exactly what that really means, something about New York vs. Austin in my mind I guess, but then my mind is again the SXSW groove so anything is possible.

Yes, it's South By Southwest time and Austin is again a traffic–clogged hive of music and the music business. I've seen two classic interviews, Emmylou Harris, who played five songs between interview segments and Pete Townsend, who was brilliant. Look for expanded coverage on both in an upcoming Aural Robert Column.

Meanwhile, The Black Angels are all they are cracked up to be. British singer Lily Allen was surprisingly fun; cheesy in a good way. Mary Weiss, singer of the Shangri-Las, most memorable for their 1964 hit, "Leader of the Pack" was the sensation of Thursday night.

More soon. So many bands and so little time.