Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Hammersmith Odeon, London `75

This is the two channel CD issue of the performance captured on the DVD that came with the 30th anniversary edition of Born To Run. Since I've already raved about the DVD of this show in a review of the BTR box, I'll just say here again that this is prime Bruce, all young and bearded and spry. The sound quality, which I had initial trepidations about (the DVD, not really a fair measure,) is surprisingly good. The talents of Bob Clearmountain, Thom Zimny and others have wrought a pretty exciting sounding live document, particularly when you consider the age of the 24 track source material. No, it's not perfect—dropouts, Springsteen singing off mike, odd muddy sections all occur here and there. But as early Bruce live sets go, none have ever been this clear or dynamically rich. That and he and the band (all with mucho hair) are on fire.

Jim Gemborys(AKA Postal Grunt)'s picture

This is one of the most fun albums that I've heard in ages. The first disc is about as strong a playlist as any Bruce fan could ask for.One thing struck me was the date of this recording. What were we listening to in '75? Kansas, Yes, Foreigner?Despite the date of the recording, its strength demonstrates the power of good rock'n'roll to continue to make even the middle-aged,creeping up on 57 at the end of July, believe in music.