Jack English  |  Nov 06, 2005  |  First Published: Sep 06, 1996  |  0 comments
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder—but all too often there is little of beauty to be found in high-end audio. In these aesthetic dark ages, we have been indoctrinated to forsake grace and elegance; we all know that every underlying penny should be spent only in the pursuit of superior sonic performance.
J. Gordon Holt  |  Nov 06, 2005  |  First Published: Oct 06, 1983  |  0 comments
First I should clear up what may be an ambiguity in the driver-lineup spec for these speakers. In each system, three 8" cone units serve as woofers. Two of these crossover from the midrange drivers at 100Hz. Crossover to the third 8-incher, the subwoofer, is at 40Hz. Thus, two woofers are active from 100Hz down to 40Hz, and all three are active below 40. In other words, the third woofer does not come into play until the frequency drops to the point where the radiating area of two 8-inchers starts to become inadequate for moving air, at which point the additional area of the third speaker is thrown in. Below 40Hz, all three are working together.
George Reisch  |  Nov 06, 2005  |  First Published: May 06, 1999  |  0 comments
"Digital is superior," proclaims Mr. Alberto Arebalos in February's "Letters." I'm glad that's settled. Still, I'm typing this ten feet from a wall lined with LPs, Don Patterson's Satisfaction! is spinning on the old Systemdek turntable, and my usually cold, drafty Chicago apartment seems like a summer night at the Green Mill Jazz Club. But I agree: digital is superior. What's wrong with me?
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Audiophiles obviously aren't the only strange obssessives out there.
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Presented by The Toast Council.
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Here's the original article by Timothy Holy and Zhongsheng Guo. It includes pitch-shifted samples and acoustical analyses.
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Phil Bradley has collected a bunch of resources that will help you solve tons of those nagging little problems you've been having. Good stuff!
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I'm speechless—this thing just keeps going and going.
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Huckleberry sez: "This Krell is mine!"
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I heard music, and I liked it.