Larry Greenhill  |  Nov 26, 2005  |  0 comments
Home theater has dramatically influenced the design of aftermarket subwoofers. Multichannel processors automatically provide a properly filtered low-frequency signal to drive a subwoofer, relieving the need for the sub to be shipped with a passive crossover network or an active electronic crossover. When Genelec offered one of their subwoofers for review, I decided it was important to try to evaluate such a product, even if it meant I'd have to scramble around to find a quality external electronic crossover.
Art Dudley  |  Nov 26, 2005  |  0 comments
"It's rather warm in here."
—violinist Mischa Elman, at Jascha Heifetz's Carnegie Hall debut
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In the past few installments of this column I've promised to talk about another subwoofer equalizer system. Now I'm going to pull the old switcheroo and discuss a different subwoofer EQ. The SMS-1 is a new, standalone digital equalizer system from Velodyne, based on the EQ built into their DD-series subwoofers. Larry Greenhill went gaga over the Velodyne DD-18 in the June 2004 Stereophile, particularly because of the ease and sophistication of the EQ system. Apparently, one of the Velodyne sales guys asked the obvious: What about making the EQ available separately for use with other subwoofers?
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"You know I hate it when the system's not warmed up!"
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Bagheera digs retro-fi.
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The Justified Ancients of Mumu tell you how to be on top of the charts.
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Ever wonder what the heck that meant? Wonder no more.
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Mildly risque, may not be safe for work (NSFW).
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A silly site that links words from songs to your text. Regular messages are completely incomprehensible, but I've found that gibberish and free verse work pretty well—essentially the same schtick that worked for me in high school creative writing class.