Stephen Mejias  |  Oct 13, 2005  |  4 comments
On Tuesday, September 20th (four days after my 28th birthday), Wes Phillips sent me an e-mail:
Stephen Mejias  |  Oct 12, 2005  |  6 comments
We spent the day proofing copy for the December issue, which ships tomorrow and Friday (and maybe a little on Monday, if we're not good). Despite how simple that may seem, it's not exactly easy to just read and read and read, drawing red circles around silly apostrophes and bad italics.
Stephen Mejias  |  Oct 12, 2005  |  2 comments
"Stephen, how come you like such pretty music when you’re in such a loud and raucous band?"
Stephen Mejias  |  Oct 11, 2005  |  2 comments
I’m wearing my blue blazer today. It’s almost like velvet, but not quite. Elizabeth complimented me on it when I walked in. Thank you, Elizabeth.
Wes Phillips  |  Oct 10, 2005  |  0 comments
First Annual P2P Litigation Summit:: On November 3, the Northwestern University School of Law will host the one-day First Annual P2P Litigation Summit, sponsored by Privacy Resolutions, P.C. and Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Wes Phillips  |  Oct 10, 2005  |  0 comments
Peter Madnick, alchemist: Designer Peter Madnick is bringing new life to a classic audio marque with his new Alchemy2 line of components. The reference, for audiophiles with short memories, is to the now defunct Audio Alchemy line, for which he designed so many products. Alchemy2 employs Madnick's original engineering staff and has established a goal to "address the enthusiast market with cool little boxes designed to solve problems and enhance system enjoyment." That sounds familiar.
Stephen Mejias  |  Oct 10, 2005  |  5 comments
To an outsider, it might have appeared as though we were mimicking each other's movements. Perhaps it even seemed as though a mirror had been magically raised upwards alongside my body to reflect my motions and thoughts and buying habits.
Jon Iverson  |  Oct 10, 2005  |  0 comments
Although some won't openly admit it, plenty of audiophiles with nice systems also own iPods. And they are not alone. According to figures recently revealed by the Consumer Electronics Association, more than 152 million Americans, representing 70% of the total US adult population, own some kind of portable entertainment device.
Jason Victor Serinus  |  Oct 09, 2005  |  0 comments
The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra announced the launch of its new e-label, MSO Classics, on October 4. In a worldwide digital distribution deal with IODA, the Independent Online Distribution Alliance, the symphony will draw on its archive of over 300 live performances recorded between 1970 and 2005 for airing on its nationally disseminated radio broadcasts.
Martin Colloms  |  Oct 09, 2005  |  First Published: Mar 09, 1996  |  0 comments
English loudspeaker manufacturer Monitor Audio has mined a rich vein with their exclusive 6½" metal-cone driver, which covers a range from the bass to the midrange. MA designs using this drive-unit have fared well in these pages, ranging from the Monitor Audio Studio 6 minimonitor (reviewed by JA in February '94, Vol.17 No.2) to the floorstanding Studio 20 (reviewed by RH in December '91, Vol.14 No.12, and by ST in April '92, Vol.15 No.4).