HE 2007 Coverage Coming Soon!

We will begin coverage of HE 2007 in New York starting Thursday, May 10. Stay tuned for reports from all three days of the show.

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((taps fingers on desk)) ;)

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Wow, it's just like being there. It's blogs like this that make the internet such a revolution. Speed rules! Print is dead.

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Maybe there was a strike by the hotel union and the show has been postponed.Or, maybe there has been a terrorist attack by environmentalists because the Show's carbon footprint was too large.

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Perhaps HE2007 is the ultimate two-channel realization of imaging; the entire show is being projected by a pair of KLH Nines...

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See what you started, Monty? Sorry for the delay. The show's going incredibly well, even better than we hoped. Traffic has been heavy and constant. The rooms, for the most part, sound surprisingly good. Demos are interesting, fun, and eclectic. We'll get going with pictures and words sooooooooon...

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I hope a Blog entry is posted for the Stereophile workshops. I attended a few, unfortunately I couln't make all of them and visit many of the demo rooms as well (I could only make it for a few hours on Saturday, as Sunday is Mother's day and Friday I was busy). Needless to say, it was enjoyable and educational. I especially enjoyed the A/B switching between the tube and solid state amps, as the difference was undeniably obvious. I can't do those kinds of things in my setup at home, as I don't have the time or the equipment, so I really do appreciate the opportunities.Thanks a lot for doing it!!! I hope there is more to come.

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It's so great to hear that you enjoyed the workshops, Jeff. Thanks!