Old Friends #2

As Robert Deutsch mentioned in his report from the 2007 Montreal Show, Ofra (left) and Eli (right) Gershman of Gershman Acoustics have been exhibitors at just about every audio/home theater show the past few years. As in Montreal, the Gershmans were demming their new Sonogram speaker at HE2007. More conventional in appearance than their flagship Black Swan, the Sonogram, photographed here by Larry Greenhill, is priced at a very competitive $2500/pair.

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The New Gershman Sonogram loudspeaker is a Superb value at and above it's price point how about a review on it!

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Hello under show conditions the New Gershman Audio Sonograms were a superb sounding value that shoots way over the top for their price point ,let's see a review and measurements .thanks Much Paul.