900W into 8 ohms, 1.8kW into 4 ohms...

...and 3.6kW into 2 ohms! All in a day's work for Krell's $40,000/pair, Krell Evolution 900 monoblock amplifier. On passive display with its top off, you can see that the amplifier has three output modules, each containing a pair of driver stages, 28 bipolar output devices, and a massive heatsink that vents heat in chimney fashion through vents in the top and bottom of the chassis. The power supply features two 3kVA toroidal transformers, 52 electrolytic capacitors, each rated at 1800µF, 900watt, and 105°F. Weight? Again I didn't want to know, but was told it was a mere 175 lbs!

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Wow, you wouldn't want to drop that on your foot. It would be quite an expensive amputation.

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This must be the Al Gore signature model. Green ouses gases, energy comsumption...forgeddaboutit. I'll bet it sure sounds sweet and effortless. Very nice.