Nice Things From Sweden

Indeed, there were nice things from Sweden in the Sjofn HiFi room. I didn't get a taste of the snittar (Swedish finger sandwiches), but I was very impressed by the powerful bass and deep, wide soundstage created by the diminutive Guru loudspeakers. As Wes mentioned, the Gurus were designed with the room in mind, and are meant to be placed near room boundaries.

Though, Sjofn's online store is temporarily closed, they do have an interesting sales network set up in a major markets across the country. Potential buyers will be able to listen to the Guru speakers in special studios and apartments, by appointment.

Here's a picture of the speaker. Forgive Fred Manteghian's humor. The song wasn't that bad. Fred's just hungry.

Theduke's picture

And they had the most well stocked bar at the show!

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My cousin married a girl with nice things from Sweden... Unfortunately, she left him and took their daughter, her nice things and his back to Sweden with her.

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What's not shown in this photo is what's on the wall on the other side of the door! Photos of Henrik Lundqvist! Yet another nice thing from Sweden. Us, the NY Ranger faithful, are so glad he's here in NYC. Oh yeah, the system inside the room was sounding sweet when I was in there.