Better Than Pudding

Late Sunday afternoon, with only about an hour left before the show closed, it was still standing room only in the Music Hall room. Perhaps that had something to do with the choice of music. I walked in to be greeted by the naughty sounds of the Bear Family Records compilation, Eat to the Beat: the dirtiest of them dirty blues, featuring song titles I can't even mention here.

Such as: The Blenders' "Don't Fuck Around With Love," Wynonie Harris' "I Like My Baby's Pudding," and many more much better than that.

The music, coming from Music Hall's very attractive, all-in-one Trio ($999) and Epos M5 speakers ($650/pair), sounded great, by the way.

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Them's called Hoakum songs, son. Examples are Bo carter's "bananas In Your Fruit Basket" and Bessie Smith's "kitchen Man."Samples include the imooratl, ""Crave his cabbage/Lobve his hams/[I'm] Wild about his candied Yams/Can't do without my kitchen man/When I eats his donut/All I leave is his hole . . ." Subtle, it's not.

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Wow, those two kids standing in the pic must be the youngest attendees in an otherwise depressingly Jurassic show. The average age of attendees must have risen 10 years since the last show. Perhaps because there was virtually no video at all.