Careful With That Cartridge, Mikey

The program of seminars and workshops has been an important part of the Home Entertainment Show since its inception in 1987. For the past few years, Sunday afternoon has been the time for Stereophile Senior Editor Michael Fremer's guide to getting the best from LP playback. At this year's action-packed session, he showed a packed house to how to mount and align a phono cartridge on a VPI turntable, aided with close-up video help from Dave of Show contractor Moorea Marketing.

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Great picture!!!

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The fact that Mike Fremer would do this 'live' speaks volumes, I have to say. The process is destined to have hiccups, and to invite sneers and ridicule form those standing safely on the side. Whatever one thinks of Mikey's advocacy of vinyl, I have to admire the willingess to engage publicly in this act.