Lipinski and JVC

Lukas Lipinski was happy to present his L-707 speakers ($4990/pair) on special stands which discreetly house the 300Wpc L-301 monoblocks ($6000/pair). Keeping the amps close to the speakers allows for shorter cable runs, and, of course, is a clever space-saving idea. The amps slide vertically into the stands and are held in place by small screws on the back panel. The amps' glass front panel bears the Lipinski logo and can be illuminated.

The room itself was evidence not only of Lipinski's work to cross over from pro-audio to hi-fi, but to bring true hi-fi sound to a larger audience by riding the HDTV wave. Partnered with JVC, the Lipinski room beamed with gorgeous color and vibrant sound. "We want to show the best there is to offer in picture and sound," said Lukas. "So, we figured, we'd offer full-blown sound and video content. Why not?"