Dynaudio's Confidence C1—Big Sound; Small Box

"That's an impressive soundstage for a two-way monitor," I thought looking at the diminutive Confidence C1 loudspeaker, but hearing a wide, deep soundstage. Dynaudio's 25 lb pound, two-way ($7000/pair plus $450/pair for two) features a 7" woofer and the Danish company's acclaimed Esotar2, 28mm, soft-dome tweeter. The drivers are mounted on a baffle that is said to be decoupled from the cabinet. Dynamic range was superb driven by Simaudio Moon W-7M monoblocks, thought JA, who thought that this system's reproduction of Stereophile's new Attention Screen CD was one of the best he heard at the Show.

JA asked Dynaudio's Mike Manousselis about review samples, only to be told that a pair of C1s were already in a holding pattern at Wes Phillips' place. Some writers get all the breaks! At least JA will get to listen to the C1s in Wes' room.

tunes10's picture

When can we expect the review? Should be a piece of cake.

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Right on. This photo captures the elegance of the speakers. I was just as impressed by the sound.

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I want these in the master bedroom. My wife doesn't. Guess who won that argument? ;P