A new KEF Reference

Andrew Watson proudly discussed the latest iteration of KEF's reference floorstanding speaker, the $20,000/pair 207 Mark 2. This new version features a new UNI-Q array that no longer needs the hypertweeter found in the Mark 1 version. The new tweeter has a vented magnetic assembly to provide more air volume behind the dome to smooth the sonic response. The manufacturer has to drill through the magnet assembly, thereby reducing its sensitivity. As a result, two additional neodymium rings were added to the usal magnet. The new tweeter's design has the voice-coil former touching the dome at two points to lend additional support and prevent breakup at high frequencies.

Gene Brunner's picture

Far and away the most natural, "non-audiophile" sound I heard at th show (that's a good thing). It seems to me that too many speaker systems nowadays strive for the wrong goals - strident, etched sound dressed up as resolution. These speakers get out of the way of pretention and simply play gorgeous music.