Jadis, Baby!

Some of the sweetest sound I heard in the whole show was delivered by the Jadis Symphonia CD player ($3500), Jadis E-50 50Wpc integrated amplifier ($8000), and Proac 3.8s ($7500/pair).

I sat down entranced by the soundtrack to The Forbidden Games and the disc's owner leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You used to recommend records to me when I worked at Tower."


But for clarity, grace, and just locked in musical rightness, the Jadis/Proac combo just rocked my world.

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Are you sure the speakers running with the Jadis were the ProAc 3.8? They have been discontinued for a few years. I would have imagined they'd be using the newest version, the D38.

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Whispered in your era? How old are you?I was surprised that the Jadis demo room was so empty on the two occasions I visited. I was glad because I got to play some cuts off the Clash's "London Calling". The system was definitely smooth and graceful but did seem to lack a certain punch, perhaps because the amp only packs 35 wpc. Still one of the best rooms I heard.