Hey Kid, er, iKID!

Krell’s new Krell IPOD Dock (KID) only costs $1200, but offers balanced outputs, signal conditioning with bass and treble adjustments, all digital control lines, diverse outputs (2 balanced, 2 RCA, and S Video) with optical isolation. The auxillary input allows one to attach a Zune or Creative Digital Zen MP3 player. The Krell KID received much attention from press and public alike.

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It wuold be a mistake to integrate amplification and speakers to the KID. To spend 1,200 to improve your compressed staff is only to include it in your hi fi system. I think this is the point because Krell releases this thig.

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Ken Kessler said Dan D'Agostino says Krell is coming out with a docking integated station, with volume control and power amolification, called (wait for it) the Papa Dock.