Focal + Pathos = Great Sound

Ian McArthur of Audio Plus, North American distributor of the French Focal speakers, is looking casual and relaxed. And why shouldn’t he be? He's leaning on the Electra 1037 Be ($11,000/pair), which has a review coming out by Michael Fremer, a review that —if this is not telling tales out of school —may have people running to their Focal dealers. The sound of the speakers at the Show (Mikey's actual review samples, so they were well broken-in), with Pathos electronics, was one of those that made me stop as I was walking along the corridor to check out what was playing.

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I had the same match and actually i quite enjoyed it for couple of months but my Pathos Acoustic unit was dead and the company couldn't find a solution in 1 year time of period. They are not helpful and they don't offer you any solution, my beautiful Focals are sleeping in the corner for 1 year because of Pathos Acoustic.