That's pronounced sheeYEUfn (like that helps) and it's from Norse mythology—Sjöfn inspired passion through her singing. Guru Pro Audio head of R & D, Ingvar Öhman is clearly passionate about his loudspeaker, which he likened to "VWs that perform like Ferraris." The Gurus($1800/pair) are small, designed to be placed near the room boundaries, and were pretty impressive.

I say "pretty impressive" because Sam Tellig had pride of place in the room—he's awfully good at discovering the good-sounding cheap stuff—and I was sitting near two boundaries myself.

But Öhman was convincing in his grasp of the physics involved—and Sam stayed put for over 30 minutes, so I'm kind of betting he's on to something.

Web only, for the moment.

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Since our rep. didn't get their website in order, I hereby post a link to our official website: http://www.guruproaudio.comRight now it's merely a one page splash, but it'll be updated shortly. Best Regards, Erik Ring, Guru Loudspeakers (back and still alive in Sweden)