Verily Verity!

Verity Audio had Nagra's CDP CD Player ($13,495) driving its P-LP line stage ($11,495) and pyramidal PMA mono amplifiers ($10,995/pr)—all connected with Silversmith Audio Palladium interconnects ("starting at $4000/pair). At the other end was a pair of Parsifal Ovation loudspeakers ($19,495/pair).

The Parsifal's looked like large speakers for such a small room, but Verity's John Quick explained that the PO's rear-firing woofer module actually helped in small room placement. He might be right—Art Dudley and sat there for ages (in show time) feeding in CDs by the Move, Tierney Sutton, and Dino Saluzzi.

John Quick, Sales Manager- Verity Audio's picture

Wes- it's actually the flexibility of the design's low-frequency module to face rear OR front that helps in small room placement; while we normally recommend facing the woofer to the rear for better bass extension and integration, the design was tuned to fill large spaces with low bass... turning the module around to face front (as we've done here at HE2007) allows the loudspeaker to integrate well in smaller rooms.