Big Sound, Small Package

Jeff Joseph was demoing his RM7si compact monitors ($2300/pr) with Bel Canto's 150Wpc 3001 integrated amp ($2200) to spectacular effect. Why was that surprising? Because his source was an iBook laptop feeding a usb output into the 300i.

"The sound is great," Josephs enthused. "But the best part is that now you have permission to buy a new, high-performance system for your office."

Obviously, Jeff's chancellor of the exchequer has a different set of authorizations than mine.

"Your mileage may vary," he allowed, "the the limitation is no longer that you can't get the music out of your computer. We love this little amp."

So did I.

Jeff Kalman's picture

I was impressed by the Bel Canto/Joseph Audio room, in particular by the sound of the RM7si monitors over the RM33si floorstanders in the mid-range and higher frequencies for the relative price differences, but the bass solo they played on the RM33si, while I was there, really showed off what the price difference is all about. I was impressed by the digital switching amps, and the all in one DAC on the smaller system as well. Bel Canto's demo is convincing me that Class D amps really are going to take over.Why do these companies have to make an argument for putting HiFi gear anywhere, and everywhere, I spend considerable time so persuasive? I just bought Watt Puppy 8s and now I want to put smaller gear all over the rest of my house and in my home office. At this rate, I'll never afford that trip to Parrot Cay that my wife is begging me for...

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Wow! pretty impressive. It is really good. I really like it. Hope i have that one too. Thank you for the information. Good Job!